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CNN Investigation Finds Amazon Is Continuing to Sell Its Own Products After They Have Exploded & Caught On Fire


In September, after a scathing investigation by CNN revealed that Amazon continues to sell its own “AmazonBasics” products that explode or catch on fire, ignoring serious safety concerns from customers, several senators demanded that the company recall the products. The investigation reportedly found approximately 1,500 reviews where consumers reported fires and hazards caused by more than 70 products, around 30 of which remained for sale on the site. After the investigation was published, several of the products were reportedly removed from Amazon’s website without any notice being provided to the customers who purchased the products.

According to electrical engineering experts, if well-made and properly used, products like these should rarely face these types of problems. Given the frequency of complaints, it is also highly unlikely that the mishaps are simply due to user error. The senators have demanded that the company provide information about its safety procedures and the steps it is taking to remove the dangerous products from its website and customers’ homes.

More Product Liability Litigation Coming for Amazon After Court Losses

The company has increasingly been held accountable for product liability in courts around the country in connection with damaged or defective goods sold by its third party vendors. However, this is the first exposure connected to its own manufactured products that have turned out to be dangerous or defective, and will inevitably open the company up to a slew of product liability claims. Amazon’s response has been that it cannot rely on customer reviews alone to conclude that a product is unsafe. However, CNN found at least 10 reports connected to products that had complaints on file with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Company Also Found Price Gouging on Essentials During the Pandemic

The company is also currently in hot water after a separate report also documented it engaging in price gouging on critical items during the pandemic, such as masks, toilet paper, and sanitizer, after claiming to actively combat the practice from its third-party vendors. Markup for these products were as high as 470 percent for items such as antibacterial soap and 1,000 percent for disposable face masks; some of these erratic prices persist today. It is expected that the price increases resulted from relying on algorithms that change in response to market conditions. However, the pandemic was causing price volatility that the company did not directly cap.

If You Have Any Questions or Concerns About Dangerous Products Purchased, Contact Our Florida Injury Lawyers

Manufacturers have a duty to ensure that any product they sell is reasonably safe for consumers, and that includes ensuring that it does not explode or catch on fire when used properly. When consumers are injured or suffer damage due to this kind of negligence, companies can be held strictly liable for any injuries and damages that result.

Contact our Jacksonville defective product attorneys at the office of Douglas & Douglas, Attorneys at Law today if you have any questions or concerns about dangerous or defective products—we are here to discuss your options.






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