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Monthly Archives: March 2024


Garbage Truck Accidents

By Douglas & Douglas |

Garbage trucks are as much a part of everyday life in Florida as Publix and alligators.  You hear them snorting and thundering down your street at sunrise several times per week, a few hours before the school bus makes its rounds.  You can avoid crossing paths with the garbage truck simply by being a… Read More »

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What Kinds of Injuries Do Slip and Fall Accidents Cause?

By Douglas & Douglas |

Unless you have been injured in an accidental fall at a place of business, you might not realize the seriousness of the injuries that can result from such an accident.  It was probably the first time that you have tripped and fallen in decades.  When you were a young child, accidental falls were a… Read More »

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Yes, It Is Possible to Injure Your Pituitary Gland in a Car Accident

By Douglas & Douglas |

Did you hear the one about the guy who broke his leg playing checkers?  It makes for amusing anecdotes when the cause of your injuries is not what people would expect, but it is easier to have a sense of humor about it after your injuries have healed.  People think of the pituitary gland… Read More »

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Causes of Golf Cart Accidents in Florida

By Douglas & Douglas |

Depending on your perspective, Florida is either one of the most fun places to ride a golf cart or the most dangerous.  Florida’s legal definition of a golf cart is a box-shaped vehicle that does not have headlights or seatbelts and travels at a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour.  You might have… Read More »

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