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Monthly Archives: January 2024


Can Pedestrians Be at Fault for Traffic Accidents in Florida?

By Douglas & Douglas |

Florida is notorious for its high rate of pedestrian fatalities.  Sidewalks are rare in many parts of Florida, and public transportation is rarer.  This means that pedestrians often have no choice but to walk near vehicular traffic and to cross the roads whenever they see the opportunity.  Common sense would say that, when a… Read More »

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Blind Spots and Florida Car Accidents

By Douglas & Douglas |

Human beings do not have panoramic vision, but driving would be a lot easier if we did.  Learning to drive a car means learning to see many different relevant locations at the same time or nearly the same time.  This is why cars have rear view and side view mirrors.  Experienced drivers are better… Read More »

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Photographs As Evidence in Personal Injury Cases

By Douglas & Douglas |

Photographs used to have a lot more authority and more gravitas than they do today.  Look at old pictures of your grandparents from when they were young; chances are, they are smiling.  In the 19th century, sitting for a daguerreotype took hours; it was not so different from sitting for a painted portrait, and… Read More »

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Slip and Fall Lawsuits Are Not Always a Slam Dunk for the Plaintiff

By Douglas & Douglas |

Places of business that are open to the public have a legal responsibility to keep the areas where customers go safe from preventable hazards that could cause accidental injury.  This is the basis of premises liability law.  One of the most common scenarios from which premises liability cases arise are accidents where a customer… Read More »

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