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Madison Personal Injury Lawyer

Being the victim in a personal injury case means your life was suddenly upended in a collision or accident. All of a sudden, instead of managing work and family life, you are caught up in doctor’s appointments and figuring out how to pay the medical bills. In addition to the physical pain, there is frequently emotional stress layered on top. Let the Madison personal injury lawyers at Douglas and Douglas help take care of the legal work in your case so that you get properly compensated for the damages. 

Personal Injury Cases We Represent

  • Car Collisions—While newer cars feature impressive safety technology, passengers are still at risk of injury when collisions happen. Distracting driving is on the rise and speeding also amplifies the severity of a crash. If someone else caused a crash, they need to be held liable for injuries that others suffered.
  • Truck Collisions—Truck collisions can be more severe than passenger car collisions because of the height and weight of the vehicle. Insurance claims may also be more complex because the trucking company is involved.
  • Bicycle Collisions—Bicycles are vulnerable road users that lack the protection of an enclosed vehicle but still have equal rights to the road. Frequently drivers will try to blame the cyclist to avoid being held liable for the cyclist’s life-threatening injuries.
  • Motorcyclist Collisions—Florida has wonderful weather that draws motorcyclists to the sunshine state. Unfortunately, according to Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there are 9,143 motorcycle crashes across the state in 2018.
  • Catastrophic Injury—Personal injury claims are critical in catastrophic injury cases because the injured person may require medical treatment for the rest of their life and may be unable to work as a result of the trauma.
  • Defective Product—From burns to broken bones, products that are defective can cause serious injury to those who purchase them. Products can become defective during the manufacturing, because they lack proper safety warning, or even because they were inadequately designed in the first place.
  • Nursing Home Injury—The National Council on Aging reports that one out of every 10 seniors ages 60 and older have experienced some form of elder abuse. Abuse can be physical, sexual, psychological, or neglect of the elderly patient.
  • Pool & Swimming Accident—Many homes in Florida have personal swimming pools, but with them, the owner is liable to keep the area safe. If you or a loved one has been injured poolside or drowned, you may have a personal injury claim.
  • Premises Liability—If you are a welcome visitor on another person’s or company’s property and you are injured while on site, the property owner may be liable for your injuries. For instance, if the owner was aware of a broken handrail but did not fix it prior to you grabbing for it and falling, they can be held liable for the broken bones you sustained.
  • Other Accidents—Dog bites, watercraft accidents, aviation accidents, wrongful death, and more.

Call Our Madison Personal Injury Attorneys

A  skilled attorney will help insurance companies take your claim seriously and assist you in negotiating the best compensation possible given your injuries. While you are recovering, put your trust in a Madison personal injury attorney at Douglas & Douglas. Call us at 904-201-8226 to schedule a free consultation today.

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