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Jacksonville Aviation Accident Lawyer

For many people, the idea of flying in an aircraft is in itself a terrifying concept and experience. Even more frightening, then, is the idea of being involved in an aviation accident, particularly an aviation crash.

When you or a loved one suffers harm as the result of an aviation accident, you need a skilled Jacksonville aviation accident attorney on your side to advocate for you. At the law office of Douglas & Douglas, Attorneys at Law, our Jacksonville aviation accident lawyers have years of experience representing accident victims, and understand the complex nature of aviation incidents and how to navigate these claim types. Please reach out to us today for your free consultation following a Jacksonville aviation accident.

We Represent those Harmed in a Number of Aviation Accident Types

At Douglas & Douglas, Attorneys at Law, we are proud to say that our lawyers are highly adept in representing those who have been injured in a variety of different aviation accident types. Indeed, we can help you if you have been harmed in a/an:

  • Aviation incident involving a small, private aircraft;
  • Commercial aviation incident, including on-plane accidents (assault, slip and falls, etc.);
  • General aviation accident;
  • Helicopter accident;
  • Recreational aviation accident;
  • Terrorist-related aviation accident; and
  • More.

We know how tragic the aftermath of an aviation accident can be. Our lawyers will advocate for you with compassion and sensitivity, while fighting aggressively for your right for your full compensation amount.

How Aviation Accidents Happen 

Determining the root cause of an aviation accident is one of the most difficult parts of the claims process; unless liability can be proved, a victim will be unable to recoup damages. Some of the most common causes of aviation accidents include:

  • Pilot and co-pilot errors;
  • Mechanical errors;
  • Ground control errors;
  • Adverse weather event;
  • Lack of pilot experience/training; and
  • Communication errors.

In addition to injuries caused by crashes, plane passengers may also be injured as a result of turbulence (especially if they are not buckled in) or by the actions of other passengers.

Our Jacksonville Aviation Accident Attorneys Handle 100 Percent of Your Claim

When you call our Jacksonville personal injury attorneys at the law office of Douglas & Douglas, we will handle 100 percent of the claims process on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your recovery. This includes the investigative process, the hiring of any experts, all conversations with relevant insurance representatives, organization of documentation and medical data, negotiations, and more. We also have litigation experience, and will not hesitate to take your case to court if that is the course of action that’s required.

Reach Us Today for Your Free Consultation

More than many other events, an aviation accident may change your life. As you cope with your injuries, psychological and physical, after an aviation accident, our Jacksonville aviation accident attorneys will advocate for you. For your free consultation, please call us directly or send us a message telling us more about what you’ve been through.

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