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Jacksonville Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Most of us trust medical facilities to exercise a high degree of care when treating us. This is even more true of our expectation for nursing home facilities: most believe that their loved ones within a nursing home will receive nothing short of excellent care. Unfortunately, however, this is rarely the case – there are numerous cases of nursing home abuse and neglect reported every year, meaning that those who are most vulnerable in our society are at a risk of harm.

If you suspect or know that your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse, call our Jacksonville nursing home abuse lawyer immediately for a free consultation and legal guidance.

Defining Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse refers to physical or psychological harm inflicted upon a nursing home resident by a nursing home staff member. There are four primary types of nursing home abuse:

  • Physical abuse.Physical abuse refers to physical acts that are taken against the elderly person in an attempt to cause physical harm, fear, or intimidation. Signs of physical abuse may include bruises, unexplained injuries, marks, welts, and fear.
  • Psychological/emotional abuse. Elderly persons may be berated, threatened, harassed, teased, or excluded from social events. Signs of psychological/emotional abuse include social withdrawal, anxiety, angry outbursts, depression, and crying.
  • Sexual abuse. The sexual abuse of a resident within a nursing home is an especially depraved act. Signs of sexual abuse might include bloodied undergarments, torn clothing, bruising, or even new STDs.
  • Financial exploitation. Finally, a nursing home staff member may take advantage of a resident by exploiting them financially. Changes to bank accounts, new credit cards, estate plan changes, and large cash withdrawals are all signs of potential financial exploitation.

Nursing home neglect is another serious problem. While neglect may lack the intent that abuse does, it can be equally as damaging. Those who are guilty of nursing home neglect should be held responsible for the harm they’ve caused.

Who’s Liable for Nursing Home Abuse?

When a nursing home resident is abused, the consequences for that resident can be great. They may experience a deterioration in health condition, may fail to get the medication or medical treatment they need, may suffer psychologically, and may even be more inclined to experience an early death as the direct result of the abuse. Parties who may be held liable for nursing home abuse include:

  • The abusive party;
  • The nursing home; or
  • A third party whose negligence caused or contributed to the nursing home resident’s harm.

Our Jacksonville Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Can Help

At the law office of Douglas & Douglas, Attorneys at Law, we understand how devastating learning that your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse can be. If you suspect nursing home abuse, call 911 if the abuse is life-threatening, and report the abuse to the Florida Department of Elder Affairs immediately. Then, call our Jacksonville nursing home abuse lawyers for your free consultation. We will help you prove the abuse and identify the liable party, and seek damages for losses suffered.

Please reach us today online or by phone for your free consultation.

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