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Wrongful Death & Unpaid Overtime Lawsuits Filed Against Amazon


A number of important lawsuits have recently been filed against shipping giant Amazon, both for wrongful death and unpaid overtime, as we discuss below:

Wrongful Death in One of Amazon’s Warehouse Facilities

One of those lawsuits involved an incident where an employee collapsed at an Amazon facility and emergency services were not notified about his condition for a significant amount of time. According to reports, by the time emergency paramedics got to the facility, they could not get to the patient because Amazon’s security personnel would not immediately give them access to the facility. Allegedly, emergency personnel had to walk through the 1.5 million square-foot warehouse to reach the victim, even though they could have accessed a back gate in close proximity to the victim. By the time they reached him, he was no longer conscious, nor breathing.

The lawsuit not only names Amazon, but the facility manager as well, individually and as an agent of Amazon because he owed a duty of safety to all of Amazon’s workers. The lawsuit alleges that he failed to ensure that:

  • Amazon’s policy of ‘No Deaths’ was properly implemented;
  • The facility was properly equipped with functioning AEDs and that they were placed in proper areas throughout the facility;
  • There were proper emergency procedures in place that would prevent delays for medical professionals needed in an emergency;
  • Amazon’s personnel contacted 911 right away; and
  • Its own first responders were properly trained and equipped to administer first aid and medical assistance in a time of crisis.

Delivery Drivers Suffer Unpaid Overtime

Amazon has also been sued by a group of former delivery drivers who claim that they worked 10-hour shifts, five or six days per week, all while being paid a flat rate per day. They were also instructed, after their shifts were finished, to assist other deliver associates in finishing their deliveries. The lawsuit claims that the workers were not paid for hours worked under the Fair Labor Standards Act and were denied required lunch breaks.

Warehouse workers have previously sued Amazon contractors, alleging that state minimum wage laws and city living wage statutes, and were not given breaks during periods of excessive heat. They also alleged that those who complained were retaliated against. One such lawsuit settled in 2018 for close to $2 million.

If You Have Suffered Due To Wrongful Death or Unpaid Overtime, Contact Our Florida Attorneys

Our Florida wrongful death attorneys have helped hundreds of Floridians who have suffered catastrophic injuries or the loss of a loved one due to accidents that involved negligence. Our attorneys also represent employees, whose rights in the workplace have been violated, including by failing to pay them overtime. Contact the Florida overtime lawyers at Douglas & Douglas, to find out more about our legal services.






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