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Why Driving While “Tipsy” Isn’t A Good Idea


While the difference between “tipsy” and “drunk” isn’t officially defined anywhere, most adults are likely aware that there is a spectrum when it comes to alcohol consumption and how much it affects the person drinking it. Exactly where this line is varies between individuals and depends on factors such as the person’s alcohol tolerance and body weight. Regardless of the amount consumed, people who would never drive while what they consider to be “drunk” will often take the same risk when they have had some amount of alcohol but still feel that they are sober enough to operate a vehicle. In addition to the fact that drinking and driving is against the law, this behavior is also among the most dangerous things you could do before getting behind the wheel.

How Much Is Too Much?

The majority of Americans of driving age likely know that the general legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit nationwide, and here in Florida, is .08 (everywhere but Utah where the limit is slightly lower). However, it is also important to recognize that even a small amount of alcohol can affect driving ability. For example, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that in 2018, almost 1,900 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes where drivers had alcohol levels lower than the legal BAC limit. The last thing any of us wants is to make an avoidable decision that could take someone’s life – like driving after drinking.

Alternatives to Driving Under the Influence

After a long week, it can be relaxing to let off steam by grabbing some drinks with friends or family. Make it a habit to pick someone to be the designated driver before the night starts. You can also plan to utilize a ride sharing service or call a cab. Any option is better than attempting to drive yourself home after drinking. Similarly, remember that these same rules should apply for your loved ones which means you should not allow anyone else from your group to drink and drive either. And if you ever notice what appears to be someone driving under the influence while you are on the road, you should immediately call 9-1-1.

Have You Been Injured in an Accident Caused by an Impaired Driver? 

Unfortunately, any of us can end up becoming involved in a collision because of someone else’s choice to drive while intoxicated. When you have suffered property damage or have incurred debilitating injuries as a result of someone’s wrongful or negligent behavior, you may be able to hold that person legally accountable and obtain the compensation you need to help you put your life back together. As the knowledgeable Jacksonville car accident attorneys at Douglas & Douglas, we are committed to helping accident victims hold the responsible parties accountable for their negligent behavior. We work throughout northern Florida and you can expect the same personal touch from us no matter how big or small your case is. Reach out to us day or night to begin with a free consultation.

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