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Trampoline Park Accidents


From the perspective of children, trampoline parks are endless fun, but it is obvious to any adult that walks into a trampoline park that so many things can go wrong.  Sure, the trampolines are divided into sections, but it is easy enough for a teenager to get so caught up in perfecting his back flip technique that he accidentally lands on a smaller child jumping in an adjacent section.  Many trampoline park enthusiasts have their share of battle scars and tales of bouncy mishaps that required medical treatment.  In general, jumping on a trampoline at a trampoline park carries less risk of injury than jumping on a backyard trampoline.  The trampolines themselves are stronger and contain fewer sharp edges.  It is the other attractions at trampoline parks, the ones that involve falling from heights, that pose the greatest dangers.  If you got injured in an accident at a trampoline park, contact a Jacksonville premises liability lawyer.

Child Injured in Fall From Zipline Ride at Trampoline Park

On Labor Day weekend in 2019, a 10-year-old boy attended a birthday party at Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park in Lakeland.  His injury occurred because of a malfunction of the Sky Rider attraction, which is a zipline ride in which riders fly above portions of the park, including some areas with bare concrete floors.  While the boy was being lifted up toward the zipline after being strapped into his harness, the harness came loose, and the boy fell about 20 feet, landing on the concrete floor below.  A surveillance video showed that the leg straps on the harness had not been properly fastened.

The boy was airlifted to Tampa General Hospital, which was the nearest hospital with the ability to treat severe traumatic injuries.  He underwent emergency surgery upon arrival at the hospital.  His injuries included several broken bones, a collapsed lung, and a severe concussion.  He was discharged from the hospital after several days of treatment.  The boy was well enough to return to school in November, but he continued to experience symptoms and had to miss school more frequently than he ever had before the accident.

Premises Liability Laws and Trampoline Park Injuries

In November 2019, the boy’s mother sued Urban Air, alleging premises liability.  She alleged that the trampoline park breached its duty of care when its employees failed to attach the boy’s harness properly.  Even though recreational facilities often ask customers to sign waivers acknowledging that the customers assume all risk of injury.  These waivers are often a case of wishful thinking; they do not protect businesses in the event of obvious negligence, such as failure to provide adequate safety equipment or allowing customers to ride a ride that is obviously not in safe working condition.

Contact Douglas & Douglas About Premises Liability Cases

A North Florida personal injury lawyer can help you collect damages for your accident-related injuries if you got injured in an accident at a trampoline park.  Contact Douglas & Douglas in Jacksonville, Florida for a free consultation.



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