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Beware of Holiday Season Driving Hazards, Pandemic-Related and Otherwise


Anyone who has enjoyed Florida’s mild winters or weathered hurricane season, might easily think that the summer is the most dangerous time of year to drive in Florida.  As dangerous as afternoon thunderstorms and named tropical storm systems are, the weather is not the biggest danger to Florida drivers.  The holiday season, defined as the time period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, is also a time of increase numbers of traffic collisions.  These are some of the biggest hazards to be aware of when driving during the holiday season.  If you have suffered injuries in an accident that involved one of these factors, contact a Jacksonville car accident lawyer.

Sleep-Deprived Delivery Drivers and Truckers

The holiday season means more deliveries of gifts, and more catered food.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, a decrease in social gatherings has only meant an increase in the volume of supplies that stores need delivered and the amount of food and retail goods people have ordered for delivery straight to their homes.  The Department of Transportation’s decision to amend the hours-of-service rules so that trucks can transport groceries and medical supplies to pandemic-stricken areas more quickly means an increased risk that the truck driver in the lane next to yours on I-10 is feeling a little drowsy.  Meanwhile, the economy plays an even more prominent role than it did pre-pandemic, so drivers working for rideshare and food delivery apps are not taking it for granted that business is booming and are working even more hours than before.

Alcohol and Drugs

Just as the disappearance of the Christmas tree and the roast beef did not dampen the Christmas spirit in Whoville, canceling office holiday parties and most social gatherings at the holidays will not completely eliminate the elevated rate of DUI crashes in the holiday season.  Instead of going to a party, having a few drinks, and then sitting and eating Christmas cookies until they sober up, this year people might drive to one friend’s house, have one drink on the patio, drive to another friend’s house for another drink, and so on, which results in much more driving for an equal amount of drinking.  Loneliness increases people’s binge drinking and drug use, so the combination of holiday loneliness and pandemic loneliness could mean a lot of people on the road under the influence of alcohol or drugs, counting the headlights on the highway as a substitute for human companionship.

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