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Algae And Personal Injury Lawsuits


For something so close to the bottom of the food chain, algae can cause a lot of polarizing opinions.  Some people consider algae the next big superfood; it is a popular ingredient in vegan dietary supplements.  Did you know that seaweed, including the edible kinds, is algae instead of a plant?  If you ever broke the bank buying seaweed snacks to send in your kid’s lunch box so that the teachers would think that you were the most health-conscious parent in school, you were spending money on seaweed, you were spending your money on algae.  The same applies if you have ever bought sushi from a restaurant or supermarket.  Meanwhile, if you own a swimming pool, then you have probably spent considerable time and money trying to prevent algae growth.  If you have ever wondered what happens when you don’t put enough chlorine in your pool, the answer is algae.  Of course, algae can cause bigger problems than just a hefty grocery bill and gross looking pool water; in some situations, it can be downright dangerous.  If you got injured in an accident that occurred because the property owner failed to remove algae from the property, contact a Jacksonville premises liability lawyer.

The Case of the Algae-Covered Boat Dock

Veterans Beach in Sebring was in the path of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, and as a result of the storm-related flooding, its boat docks were underwater for several months.  The beach reopened in 2018, before the property owners had repaired all the boat docks.  Therefore, one of the docks was still partially submerged and covered in a slippery coating of algae.  For the most part, beachgoers avoided the algae-covered dock, but while Daniel Bailey and her friends were on a boat ride on August 6, 2018, the weather suddenly turned back, so they quickly came ashore and docked their boat at the nearest dock, which was the algae-covered one.  While Bailey was walking on the dock, she slipped and fell on the algae, suffering a broken jaw and other injuries.  She filed a premises liability lawsuit against Veterans Beach.

Algae Is Plenty Dangerous When It Is Just in the Water

Algae growth makes bodies of water plenty dangerous for human use, too.  Even brief contact with the water of a lake experiencing an algae bloom can cause serious illness.  Algae in lakes and rivers also provides camouflage for alligators, increasing the risk of alligator attacks if you walk near the water’s edge.  The owners of land where there is algae growth in water commonly used for recreation should post signs warning visitors to stay away from the water and especially not to swim in it.

Contact Douglas & Douglas About Premises Liability Cases

A North Florida personal injury lawyer can help you collect damages for your accident-related injuries if you got injured in an accident caused by slipping and falling on a surface that was covered in algae.  Contact Douglas & Douglas in Jacksonville, Florida for a free consultation.



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