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Mayo Auto Accident Lawyer 

From the official police accident report to hearing back from insurance companies, victims of auto collisions deserve answers, but they usually find themselves left in the dark. Here at Douglas & Douglas, we can give you those answers. We can also ensure that you are awarded the proper settlement or lawsuit verdict by the at-fault party. Our Mayo auto accident lawyers handle all types of auto collisions, from truck crashes and car collisions to pedestrian and motorcycle crashes.

Four Types of Negligent Driving

Chances are that the driver who caused your collision was engaged in one, or more, of the following types of dangerous driving. In order to prove negligence, we may need to establish how and why the collision occurred.

  • Distracted Driving—Eating, drinking, talking to a passenger, and daydreaming are all forms of distracted driving, and have existed ever since cars have been around. But at no other time in history has distracted driving been such a problem. Technology, in the form of phones, GPS, and “infotainment” screens located on the console, is constantly taking drivers’ attention away from the road. There are three types of distractions when it comes to driving: physical distraction, which takes the driver’s hands off the wheel; visual distraction, which takes the driver’s eyes away from the road; and mental distraction, which pulls the driver’s mind away from driving. Texting or talking on the phone does all three.
  • Drowsy Driving—According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 91,000 collisions, annually, involve at least one drowsy driver. While drowsy or fatigued driving does not always mean that a driver fell asleep at the wheel, it may mean that a driver’s drowsiness is high enough to cause delayed reaction time, an inability to stay in their lane, tailgating, or other dangerous behaviors.
  • Impatient and Aggressive Driving—Aggressive driving and impatient driving are essentially one and the same—a lack of care and regard for others on the road by prioritizing one’s one time. Aggressive driving includes speeding, following too closely, rapidly changing lanes, intentionally failing to yield right of way, excessive honking, attempting to blind another driver with headlights, and any other unnecessary and dangerous driving behavior.
  • Drunk or Buzzed Driving—One person dies every 52 minutes in the U.S. because of drunk driving, according to the NHTSA. Drunk driving may be heavily frowned upon by most people, but buzzed driving—driving after only having a drink or two—is quite common. And, studies show that driving with any amount of alcohol in one’s system increases their chances of being involved in a crash. With just a BAC of 0.02 (the illegal threshold is 0.08) a driver loses judgment, their mood is altered, their vision becomes impaired, and their ability to perform two tasks at the same time is diminished.

Call a Mayo Auto Accident Attorney Today

If you were injured in an auto collision, you deserve compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages. Our Mayo auto accident attorneys can help you accomplish this. Call Douglas & Douglas today at 904-201-8226 to schedule a free consultation.

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