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You Need A Florida Personal Injury Lawyer If You Get Injured At A Florida Theme Park


On any given day, some of the vehicles on I-10 and I-95 in northern Florida are en route to or from Florida’s theme parks.  The Disney theme parks, Universal Studios Florida, and the other theme parks that have sprung up throughout Central Florida to round out families’ weeklong theme park vacations remain a popular destination, despite pandemic shutdowns, inflation, and the fact that one’s smartphone contains a world of entertainment that does not require travel or its associated costs.  By the end of a week of endless excitement, though, almost everyone is ready to head home, away from the noise, crowds, and exorbitant prices and be grateful for the cold weather and dull personality of your home state.  If you suffer a serious accidental injury while vacationing in Florida, however, your dealings with the Sunshine State are not over.  The only way to file a lawsuit to seek damages for your accident-related financial losses is to go through the Florida courts.  For help seeking damages related to an accidental injury that occurred while you were visiting Florida on vacation, contact a Jacksonville premises liability lawyer.

What Happens in Florida Stays Under the Jurisdiction of the Courts of Florida

According to premises liability laws, business owners are legally responsible for damages associated with preventable accidents that injured customers on their premises.  In recent years, several incidents occurred at Florida theme parks that were either so catastrophic or so obviously preventable that the lawsuits associated with them became major news stories:

  • A woman was walking on a dock at the Magic Kingdom theme park when a bird flew at her head at high speed, causing brain injuries.
  • An alligator emerged from a lagoon at a Disney resort and killed a child who was sitting beside the lagoon.
  • An animatronic dinosaur hatchling at Universal Studios struck a child on the chin with its arm as she watched it hatch.
  • Several guests have suffered finger amputations as a result of putting their hands in the water on theme park boat rides.
  • A teen who was visiting from Missouri fell to his death from the Orlando Slingshot ride on International Drive.

In the case of all of these incidents, the injured people or the surviving relatives of victims have the right to sue the theme parks for premises liability.  In a premises liability lawsuit, plaintiffs may seek damages for medical expenses and lost income related to the injury.  In the case of wrongful death lawsuits, surviving relatives may seek economic damages for the money the victim would have contributed to the family if not for the accident, as well as noneconomic damages for loss of companionship.

Contact Douglas & Douglas About Premises Liability Cases

A North Florida personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the process of filing a premises liability claim, even if you do not reside in Florida.  Contact Douglas & Douglas in Jacksonville, Florida for a free consultation.



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