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Do Smart Motorcycle Helmets Make Motorcycle Riding Safer Or More Dangerous?


The safest safety features in motor vehicles are surprisingly low tech.  No other feature introduced since the advent of the automobile has prevented more deaths and serious injuries in collisions than the seatbelt; the airbag comes in at a distant second.  Likewise, the safest safety feature on motorcycles is the motorcycle helmet.  Before you bought your motorcycle helmet, you probably researched which one would provide the best protection in a collision, and you probably tried several of them on to see which one was the most comfortable and the easiest to see out of, so it would not distract you.  In recent years, motorcycle helmet manufacturers have introduced helmets with high-tech features that aim to help motorcyclists prevent collisions, but some motorcyclists find that all the additional bells and whistles are a distraction, and it is easier to stay alert with a simpler helmet.  Regardless of what kind of motorcycle helmet you wear, a Jacksonville motorcycle accident lawyer can help you if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident.

What Are Smart Motorcycle Helmets?

“Smart motorcycle helmets” is a general term for various types of helmets that give riders additional input from their surroundings, with the aim of enabling them to avoid collisions.  The smart motorcycle helmets currently available on the market fall into three categories:

  • Helmets equipped with heads up devices (HUDs), which project information about GPS navigation, road conditions, and hazards ahead on the helmet’s visor so that the rider can see them while looking at the road
  • Helmets with noise cancellation ear covers that block out the ambient sound of the wind and amplify other sounds that influence riders’ decisions, such as the sounds of nearby cars
  • Helmets with 360-degree cameras, which enable riders to see a panoramic view of the road

Smart Motorcycle Helmets: Protection or Distraction?

In order to get a motorcycle license, you must demonstrate ability to concentrate on the road and respond appropriately to visual and auditory cues from your environment.  Whether smart helmets make it easier or more difficult to do this than your old favorite helmet is a subjective measure.  Some people argue that riding a motorcycle while your helmet flashes alerts in front of your eyes is as safe as scrolling through Twitter on your phone while climbing a ladder.  If distracted driving on your part was a contributing factor in your motorcycle accident, this could reduce the amount of damages you can win in a motorcycle lawsuit.  On the other hand, if you can prove that the helmet was inherently distracting and you used it as intended, you could have grounds for a product liability lawsuit against the helmet manufacturer.

Contact Douglas & Douglas About Motorcycle Accident Cases

A North Florida motorcycle accident lawyer can help you recover damages if you suffered a serious injury in a motorcycle accident, no matter what kind of helmet you were wearing.  Contact Douglas & Douglas in Jacksonville, Florida for a free consultation.


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