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Avoiding Rear-End Car Accidents


Car accidents of any kind have the potential to lead to tragic results. Rear-end collisions in particular are a common type of motor vehicle crash in the United States and can have serious implications. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has published statistics indicating that of the six million car accidents that take place in the United States every year, approximately 40 percent are rear-end collisions. That means that a rear-end collision actually happens every eight seconds.

Tips for Avoiding Rear-End Collisions 

There is a wide range of injuries that a person can potentially sustain in the event of a rear-end collision, none of which any of us would ever like to experience. It is therefore essential to implement driving behaviors that can help you reduce the risks of being involved in a rear-end collision in the first place. This includes making an effort to:

  • Avoid distracted driving
  • Leave plenty of space between your vehicle and those in front and behind you
  • Use proper turn signals and otherwise following road rules to make yourself predictable to other drivers
  • Stay alert to changing road conditions, especially when traffic is heavy

Proving Fault in a Rear-End Accident

All the safety tips in the world unfortunately can’t prevent every rear-end collision and when one occurs, one of the most pivotal questions is regarding fault. Figuring out who caused a collision and how it occurs usually depends on factors such as the reports written by the police who arrived at the scene and the statements of any witnesses. Read-end accidents can be slightly different. The tailing driver is typically determined to be the driver at fault for a rear-end accident by default due to the nature of these collisions and the thought that the accident would not have happened had that driver not been doing something negligently. But this scenario isn’t always the case and demonstrating negligence is not always straightforward. It is beneficial to have legal help in circumstances like this from an experienced personal injury attorney who can evaluate the circumstances of your injuries and help you hold the negligent parties accountable.

Have You Been Injured in a Collision?

Preventing accidents and the injuries that can result is obviously the most ideal option for all of us, but sometimes accidents nonetheless occur no matter how cautious you are on the road. And while car accidents can happen in many different ways, they share the grim fact in common that they all have the potential to result in injuries that are very severe. The stress of your injuries can become even more heightened if the accident was caused by what you suspect is someone else’s negligence. If you find yourself in this situation, it is important to obtain legal help from a reliable advocate who will fight for your right to the maximum possible recovery. The experienced Jacksonville personal injury attorneys at Douglas & Douglas can help you get the results you need and desire out of the personal injury process.



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