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Accidents Related To Vehicles In A Driver’s Blind Spot


One of the most important skills you learn in driver’s ed is how to be aware of vehicles and objects near your vehicle on all sides, even the ones that are in places that it is hard to see from the driver’s seat.  Driver’s ed teachers are constantly reminding students to check their rear-view mirrors and side-view mirrors and not to take their eyes off of the road ahead of them.  The good news is that new, available technologies make it easier to see parts of the road that you could not otherwise see without looking away from your route for an extended period.  The bad news is that many accidents still occur because one car was in another’s blind spot or because the driver in front did not look carefully enough at their surroundings.   If you have been injured in a traffic collision involving blind spots, contact a Jacksonville car accident lawyer.

Car Manufacturers and an Award-Winning Student Endeavor to Make Blind Spots Visible

For decades, cars have been sold already equipped with mirrors that enable drivers to see what is directly behind them and what is behind them to the left and right sides of the car.  The car frame itself prevents drivers from getting a panoramic view of the car’s surroundings, even if they use their mirrors appropriately.  The parts of the road that drivers cannot see because parts of the car’s frame are blocking their view are known as blind spots.  These account for many car accidents, some of them involving serious injuries.

In recent years, car manufacturers have introduced features that make it easier for you to see your blind spot, or at least be aware that something is there.  For example, some new models of cars have icons on the side view mirror that light up and alarms that beep when a car enters your blind spot.  Alaina Gassler, a high school student from Pennsylvania, won a science and engineering contest when she invented a camera to mount on the car’s blind spot, so that drivers can see the blind spot in real time onto a screen of the car’s infotainment system.

All cars have blind spots, even though it is getting easier to see around them or even through them.  The fact that you were in another driver’s blind spot or another driver was in yours could play a role in determining fault for the accident.  This, in turn, affects the amount of money you can receive in damages if you were injured in the accident.

Contact Douglas & Douglas About Car Accident Cases Involving Blind Spots

A North Florida car accident lawyer can help you get a fair insurance settlement or file a personal injury lawsuit if the accident involved one person driving in the blind spot of the other person’s car.  Contact Douglas & Douglas in Jacksonville, Florida for a free consultation.



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